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SKILFUL Tattoo Design
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Talented Tattoo Artists In Birmingham, West Midlands


Put your trust in our talented artists, who tattoo unique portraits with meticulous shading. No matter your tastes or style preferences, we tailor our art to create the perfect detailed design.

Unique, Intricate Portraits

Admire your very own contrast piece by opting for a design from Luci's signature range. Very popular, Luci's black and grey tattoo designs are enhanced by red dashes for a bold look.

Detailed Black Tattoos 
Coloured Ink

Choose from our collection of floral designs when you desire colourful tattoos. As we adore our work and class it as a hobby, you are sure to be satisfied with our inspired, elaborate designs.

Stylish Coloured Inks

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About Us

Decorate your body with stunning, unique pieces of art. At Luci Tattoo Studio, in Birmingham, West Midlands, we are skilled tattoo artists who create attractive, stylish tattoos. For more than 15 years we have tattooed detailed portraits and artwork using black, grey, white, and coloured inks. We have created art throughout Europe and take pride in our leading tattooist Luci's signature style. Whether you browse our selection of intricate pieces, or choose to create custom designs, you are sure to be inspired by our skill.

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